Project Status: Complete

Comprehensive High-level Avionics Systems for Exploration

CHASE is an open-source avionics framework, bringing high-end features and ease-of-use to a cheaper platform.

CHASE is an avionics framework that brings high-performance satellite computing systems in an affordable package. The CHASE framework consists of a set of open-source modules and guidelines for developing your own. Standard modules provide all necessary core components and can be combined with additional modules or custom-made modules to create a complete avionics system.

Processing Module:

  • Contains triple-redundant processing cores
  • 4x SpaceWire interfaces
  • 4x Configurable digital IO interfaces (RS-485, CAN, UART, I2C, etc.)

Communications Module:

  • 100 Mhz – 6Ghz (maybe extend to X-band?)
  • >30 dBm TX power
  • SpaceWire data link