Nexus Aurora (NA) is a community based project incubator. Our primary goal is to open source solutions to the complex problems of space settlement.

Initially founded to investigate projects within the commercial space industry. Our first big initiative was to enter the Mars Society’s City State Competition. This competition gave the community a shared goal to focus our efforts and to present our work.

Nexus Aurora’s proposal won the Mars Society competition and is now a leading solution and methodology for the creation of sustainable habitats outside of Earth’s environment.


Nexus Aurora Organization Structure

Nexus Aurora has created an organizational structure to ensure the smooth operation of our open source community.



  • All members of the community regardless of age, gender orientation, race, social status, or geo-location.
  • All members can, and are encouraged to, participate in all discussions and projects.



  • Members who wish to be more active in the organizational matters of the community.
  • These members ensure all matters of the community are disseminated to the community and encouraging member participation.
  • Council members also bring proposals for procedures, policies, and projects to the community.



  • Members who formally represent the community and ensure the organization is acting in line with the goals and principles of the community.
  • Core members also ensure the community runs in a smooth apolitical manner.
  • Some members of Core are charged with being Public Officers for the corporate entity of Nexus Aurora LLC.