Who We Are

Students, Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Lawyers, Architects and more from across the world, united in a shared dream.

Initially brought together for the Mars Society City State Competition, we now collaborate around the globe to develop solutions to the hardest challenges of space while educating and connecting with one another.


Anyone can join Nexus Aurora! We encourage Students, Amateurs, and Professionals to join us. As long as you are passionate about human space exploration.

Certainly! A full fledged project will require submitting an application and putting together a proposal. However, if you are looking for input or feedback on an engineering or design related question on your personal projects we can probably help! Feel free to stop by our #engineering, #software, or any other channel to find helpful and knowledgeable people. Even if we can’t help you we can probably point you to the people who can.

Our corporate registration is in Florida USA however our members live around the world in almost every time zone!

Nexus Aurora is a non-profit organization, volunteer-based.

Nevertheless, we have various forms of income including: Sponsorships, Contracts, Patreon and Donations. NA has a commercial registered company to facilitate any commercially viable projects the community creates.

All our funds are to help develop the projects. If you run a project, you may apply with a dedicated form for funds to develop the project and we will help as much as we are able to. Also we may help in creating funding-campaigns if you will be organizing them.

Please carefully read  the Project Initiation Guide

Here is a good article on How to run a successful project

There are some supplementary documents that may help you in grasping the overall picture of the project. We will be happy to help!

Yes! Any idea that brings us closer to permanent human settlement in space is a good idea!

We do educational projects, encourage academic publications, promote creative content or any other type of space-related project.

Each project is specific, however all projects have channels for chat, questions and input for discussion on the project. Stay up to date by participating in the channels or by chatting with the project leader and members directly.  Through these channels you can offer your input, ideas and skills to the project. At NA we encourage initiative and enthusiasm.

Absolutely! Nexus Aurora provides a space to develop any project related to permanent human settlement. 

There are many aspects to a project besides engineering and design. Good PR, accurate planning, time  & resource management and budgeting are all skills needed on every project.  Even if you don’t feel you have these skills your input of ideas may help solve a problem the team are struggling with

We thrive because we’re a community with a very diversified skill set and are all passionate about space. So we offer resources for a specific amount of time on a project, generate ideas on a subject with the help of the community, or agree on a joint venture if you’re a startup. Our goal is to find the resources necessary to help solve problems facing projects brought to the community.

Either way, we’ll find what suits your needs the best. For more business inquiries please send an email to info@nexusaurora.org.

Work with us!

Are you looking for a group of engineers to work with on your next space related project? Need help looking at a rocket design? Architecting a habitat for safety? Cube sat design?

Feel free to reach out to us to set up a contract! contract@nexusaurora.org

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